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Android Porting

After this 5 day course you will be able to port Android to new hardware, to change default boot-up animations, logo's and background, to know how to optimal work with the Android source code for custimisation and branding. You will get direct hands-on experience with your own demo board and VM interface, learn how to avoid pitfalls and get up and running quickly. We look at the Android Architecture, specifics of the Android Linux kernel and Intellectual Property issues.
In an interactive manner, you will be able to get direct feedback. At the end of this course, you will be ready to port Android to new hardware and integrate it into embedded applications.

For this course, all participants will receive an Android based device so they can continue their projects after the course.

Fluent on the Linux command line.
User-level experience with Android devices.
Linux kernel knowledge is interesting but not strictly required.


  • Introduction to Android and architecture overview
  • Licensing and Intellectual Property issues
  • Building Android from source

  • Write an application with the Android SDK
  • Android Internals
  • Linux kernel compilation

  • Startup procedure of Android
  • Android Kernel patches
  • Android Tools such as adb, emulator, ioctl

  • Porting Android to a new device and customising it
  • Add a native application to the build

  • Develop a JNI library
  • Testing and build automation
  • Extend the Android SDK

Course Materials
Provided courseware, complemented with a development board with touchscreen. Currently all students receive a BeagleBone Black with a Touchscreen and Expansion I/O Board, but this might change in the future to a similar board.

Price 3.150,- € + VAT

Course dates::
upon demand

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Phone: +32 (0)2 747 47 01

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