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Debian Package Building Debian Package Building

This course teaches how to build a .deb package, usable in Debian-based distributions such as Debian, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu. Whether your packages are for internal use or for distribution to third parties, this course will give you all the tools you need to build packages correctly.

Classical education with exercises in a workshop atmosphere.
Application Developers and System Administrators with a good understanding how to compile Linux software (configure, make, make install). Familiarity with Debian packaging tools such as dpkg and apt-get.
Basic scripting experience and Linux or UNIX knowledge.

At the end of the course, the students will be able to make his own packages for Debian based Linux distributions in a correct fashion.

  • Anatomy of a Debian package
  • Debian policy
  • Package build control files
  • debhelper and dh
  • dh_make and templates
  • Review of a real-life example package (nbd)
  • Improving workflow with lintian and devscripts
  • Maintaining a package archive with reprepro
  • Library packaging
  • Time for specific questions by participants

Course Materials

  • Will be provided.

  • Years long Debian Maintainer Wouter Verhelst.
    If you haven't heared about Wouter yet, some old info about him can be found here

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Price : 1.750,- € + VAT

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