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LAMP image Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) Course/Workshop

Course Overview
This course is perfect for those wanting to maintain a Linux system with the typical setup of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Ideal for System Administrators, Database Administrators and Embedded Developers. The course starts with setting up and explaining the different sorts of Apache, looks quickly at NGINX. Dives deeper into Apache configuration. Then we explore the differences between the different MySQL flavors, phpmyadmin and other administrative tools and basic administration tasks. As the course advances, more advanced topics are handled such as troubleshooting and analysing performance related problems and query analysis.

Knowledge prerequisites
IT Background and general Linux skills. Linux Power User or simular experience. Some notion of what a SQL query is.

Method Course/Workshop, classical education with practical exercises.

Participants Everybody who is responsible for designing and maintaining Linux systems running Web servers and database servers.

Course Flow

Day 1: Apache and NGINX basics
  • Understanding how Apache works and how to install it
  • The different sorts of Apache behavior and nginx
  • Various configuration options and Virtualhosting
  • PHP integration basics

Day 2: Apache configuration

  • Implementation and configuration of Apache server
  • Apache security, NGINX security
  • SQL and command injection
  • How to run multiple versions of PHP together
  • Troubleshooting of common problems

Day 3: MySQL flavors and basics

  • The MySQL ecosystem: Oracle MySQL, MariaDB and Percona
  • MySQL engines: InnoDB, MyISAM and others
  • Phpmyadmin and basic tasks
  • Backup and Restore

Day 4: Using MySQL

  • Using MySQL from the command line, shell scripts and PHP
  • Database design and normalisation or not
  • MySQL Security
  • Special commands to effectively use MySQL

Day 5: Troubleshooting MySQL

  • Point-in-Time-Recovery (PiTR)
  • General performance considerations and hardware choices
  • Indexing and SQL query tuning
  • Profiling
    Alternatively: (depending on participants)
  • Tomcat Java Application Server
  • Performance measuring with jMeter
  • Performance improvements of Tomcat
  • PHP Development Introduction

Administrative Information
Course Dates:
On Demand

Courseware: Course materials are provided.

Price 3.150,- € + VAT

More information
Phone: +32 (0)2 747 47 01

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