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Yocto Project image Yocto Project Course/Workshop

Course Overview
This course is perfect for those wanting to develop for or build an Embedded Linux system with Yocto. The course starts with building a first system image with Yocto, flashing and booting it, boot over NFS, writing yocto recipes, modifying the root filesystem, writing a layer, extending the kernel within yocto, customising images and SDK.
After the course, the participants can take the board with them to continue experimenting.

Knowledge prerequisites
IT Background and general Linux skills. Linux Power User or simular experience. Being able to edit text files on the command line, some Linux C/C++ Programming experience

Method Course/Workshop, classical education with practical exercises.

Participants Everybody who is responsible for designing and maintaining Embedded Linux Systems.

Course Flow

First day: Using Yocto
A more in-depth look at the Yocto architecture
  • The system architecture
  • The Yocto Project source tree
  • Customizing an image
  • Building an image
  • Upgrade the development board

Day 2: Customising Yocto

  • Recipes syntax
  • Writing a recipe
  • Development and customisation workflow with BitBake
  • Adding packages to the generated image
  • Adding custom applications and a new layer

Day 3: Extending and further customisation

  • Extenidng a recipe
  • Writing your own machine configuration
  • Adding a custom image
  • Integrate kernel changes into the build system
  • Using the SDK with Eclipse

Administrative Information
Course Dates:
On Demand

Courseware: Course materials provided and a free ARM-based Embedded Linux board for later experimentation.
Currently we provide the BeagleBone Black 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A8 based board.

Price 2.150,- € + VAT

More information
Phone: +32 (0)2 747 47 01
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