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Linux Scripting

This course teaches you to build advanced Bash shell scripts and command-line utilities to automate practical tasks and manage Linux systems. Ideal for Linux System Adminstrators and Developers.

Prerequisites Experience with a Linux system as a user, for example after following the 'Linux Basics and Command Line' course. Fluent experience with an editor is also required.


  • Using Bash efficiently
  • Understand distribution provided shell scripts
  • Write programs in Bash to ease System Administration and Development
  • The use of variables, conditions, loops,...
  • Return codes
  • Functions
  • Flow Control
  • Shell Commands
  • Regular Expressions
  • String handling
  • Sed stream editor
  • Awk scripting
  • Utilities such as wget and netcat and much more...
  • Best practices
  • Perl basics
  • Reading Perl Scripts
  • Python concepts
  • Introduction to Python and gui Python scripts

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